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Southislandtrip – Day 3

Today we stayed in Wanaka, just as we will do tomorrow. It´s really nice here! After breakfast we were Paddleboarding. Or Stand-up-paddleing. Whatever you like better.
Do you know that? If not, here a short description: You stand on a Surfboard, which is a little bit bigger than a real surfboard. And you paddle. I really like it! We paddled to a small Island in the middle of the Wanaka lake. Okay, not the middle, but it was not too close! After a short rest there we changed devices. Whoever went with a kayak till now would go back with a Board. So I did kayaking. I like both, but I really prefer Stand-up-paddling! Has one of you done it till now? If yes, which one did you prefer?

At the afternoon we went biking. A really nice sport! It was mountainbiking to be honest. But still, great! The track we went was much better than just a street. I miss biking really much. AT my hostfamily I don´t have an bike. But, hey! Here are other sports. When we are talking about sports: On the trip we did so many sports. We were really active! We went hiking and swimming very often. But who am I to say that´s bad? It is not! I really love both of these sports!

In the evening we had time again. Yesterday we watched Charlie and the chocolatefactory. At the motel we stay with you can borrow movies. Today we didn´t wanted to watch a clacc again, but a new zealand one. Well, more one, which was filmed here. No, not Lord of rings, and also not Avatar. Narnia was filmed in New Zealand too. We watched the first one. I really like it!

All the best, Jana

(Deutsch) Te Puia und Maori

Te Whakarewarewatanga O Te Ope Taua A Wahiao

Yes, and again it´s about volcanos! Okay, more about volcanic activities, a very interesting topic, if you ask me. No, really! But even more impressive than the volcano are geysirs. They are probably the most interesting thing I saw since I´m in New Zealand.

But first about the place: Te Puia is only the name, which is used for the park. The regions name is Whakarewarewatanga O Te Ope Taua A Wahiao. In the region there are Geysirs, Mudpools, and even a small village of Maori (native New Zealanders). It means ´the gathering place for the war parties of Wahiao´. Long name? Absolutely!

Volcanos, geysirs und mudpools

The former village was built in he crater of a volcano. And there are many mudpools in Whakarewarewatanga, which is shorter Term for Te Whakarewarewatanga O Te Ope Taua A Wahiao. The mud from this pools is used for masks. But you should probably not go and get it for yourself, because the Mudpools are very deep and the mud is like quicksand. Oh, and you would get burned. These pools are almost cooking!

But if you ask me, I would tell you thet the geysirs were the most interesting! I saw two of them. We saw the Pohute, which is after our guide the biggest geysir in the whole southern hemisphere. And the Prince of Wales Feathers-Geysir we saw too. If you see that one it is and indicator that the bigger one is errupting soon. The Pohuto-Geysir can get till 30 (!) meters high, by the way. The Prince of Wales Feathers-Geysir is only getting up till seven meters.


And then there are Maori. Whakarewarewatanga was not the onliest place where we saw things about Maori. We were at the waitangi treaty grounds too. These are pretty popular fields. There one of the most important treats in New Zealands history got signed. Between Maori and europeans. The fields are in the Bay of islands, which are pretty popular too.

Maori came too New Zealand in the 13th century from other pacific islands. They don´t have such a long history like (for example) chinese people, but they have their own language. And a very interesting culture! There are many dances, like the Kapa Haka, a war dance which is still performed by the All Blacks (New Zealands Rugbyteam) before theitr games. It´s very impressive. You should see it!

All the best, Jana