Southislandtrip – Day 2

Today we were hiking very much. Really much! We drove from Tekapo into the direction of Mt. Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand. It looked a little bit like a very big Iceblock… Just kidding. It looked a little bit unreal though, but it was real. The mountain was white because of the snow. I guess the snow melted and got icy a few times, because it is really shiny.

We went to a viewpoint called the Kea-Point. From there you were able to see parts of the former glacier. But I liked it more, when we walked to another viewpoint. From there saw the big parts of the former Glacier, which look a little bit like a desert now. Also there was a big Glacierlake, which had a light blue colour. The view was really stunning! Even if all the stairs to that view were a little bit annoying, I would do it again and again only for that view.

It was really nice there. After going up and down there we drove to Wanaka. Wanaka is a popular holidayspot at a lake, which has the same name. In this lake I was swimming. It was cold, but very nice! There were a few platforms, were you could jump off. That was really fun! I did not do a backwards flip, but there are a few people, who do that… Crazy!

All the best, Jana

Ps: These posts were already written last week, what means that I am in Christchurch right now. The Posts of last week were planned before going onto the trip.