New Zealand – 3 confusing things

  • Driving on the left road!

    When I came I was used to the other wy! Every time I crossed a street I looked in every direction ten times, before I crossed it. It will be very confusing to be back, and have it the other way round again.

  • North, South and the sun.

    Yep! I didn´t thought that would confuse me, but it did! I still have the feelinhg it would be evening in the morning. Not because of the timezones, no. Because of the sun. It´s hard to describe, but it was confusing!

  • Time.

    No. Notr the change because of the timezones, I did not even had a jetlag, it is more this: I write someone at two pm. They read it at eight pm (for me). For the it was two am when they recieved the message. Yey!