Und so sah das Skigebiet aus


💚- Da ist der Campingplatz, auch die ganzen Talstation, sowie einige Hotels, und der Skiverleih sind dort zu finden…
💙- Das ist die Streuböden Station, ich habe euch im letzten langen Beitrag davon erzählt… Da war auch die Sommerrodelbahn
❤- Meine Lieblingsmittaghütte, da waren wir vom Skikurs immer… Danke, AnneLott!
💛- Und da ist die Stecknadel!

About Pins and Slopes

Hey Guys! I´m back in english again!

Before this i posted a lot in German, and I will translate that in the next few weeks!
Why I am signing up again? Because I was in Holiday, we were skiing. And even if that was in the winter-holidays, I thought I could translate it.

The first evening

At the evening we arrived at the campingsite, we went in a restaurant to eat. The first evening wasn´t sooo exiting. Oh, wait, it was! It snowed when we arrived.
So: It was exiting!

Skiing (Or like we say: Skifoan)

But now: We were skiing!

First we got the ski passes. And then we were able to ski. First I was a bit scared, because i fell last year at eastern, but there was no reason to be scared. First I was not jumping about little humps. But after a short time, I jumped.

The slopes were great this year! Very different than last year!
It was very firm. Last year it was squashy! So it was better this year!

My ski teacher was AnneLott. AnneLott was great! At Streuböden (that’s a middle station) is a summer toboggan run. AnneLott has been driving with nus twice. It was great!

And, what do you mean with the pin?

So. What is the pin?
Ok, there ist a horned gondola lift. No, I´m not kidding. there is a black gondola with red horns. The Gondola goes up there. Up there means: To Reckmoos!
And when you are at the end of the horned gondola there are two slopes. Reckmoos Süd (Reckmoos south) and Reckmoos Nord (Reckmoos North).
Yes. Reckmoos Nord is a great slope!
The slope is black and red.
But that was not what I wanted to tell (or write :`-)) you. At the end of the horned gondola is a big pin. a really big pin.
Here’s a picture:

That`s so great!!!

snowy holidays

Snow is great. So, not all the time, but most of the time!
It was very, very snowy. Mum and Dad digged the car out of the snow. Mia (my little cousin) and I, we wanted to build something with the snow. It was really good, but we had to leave the camping site too early, so we weren´t able to complete the “Schneebar” (that’s a bar made in snow).

By the way, next year we are going to go to the same camping side with more family’s.


Hope to read you 😉

4. Advent – To early…

Hey, I’m back now! Although I was not on vacation, but skis were already tried. And I bake Cookies already! It´s the fourth Advent now, don´t forget that!
Somehow strange, right? Normally we are ready with all Christmas arrangements at fourth Advent, and celebrating already the holidays. This year: You had to do four tests after the after that, and you are still not through with the Christmas arrangements. Strange, that you must have the gifts already at the fourth advent next year ,then there is Christmas already.But I´ll be in New Zealand at Christmas next year! I am really looking forward to it!

Some of my presents for Christmas are Homemade. I think everybody love selfmade gifts, and becourse of that, I will upload some last-minute-gift ideas on 20.12. Not all my selfmade things, then I would`nt have a gift for some friends, but I think three or four.


And until then: Beautiful 4th Advent!

See you Tuesday! Jana

PS: If you have Ideas for self-made stuff and presents for christmas, send it to me! Then there could be more than only three or four ideas.



Update, 20.12.2016:

Hello, I think you have seen that, I didn´t post a last-minute-gift special today. Sorry for that. But before Christmas there will be a special with Ideas how to decorate your Room or house. For that I need Ideas too…

See you, Jana


PS: No post like that came online, because I have problems with the pictures. I´ll try to fix that…