Harry Potter Confessions?

I just had the thought to do something like Harry Potter Confessions. I know it, when people speak about Harry Potter at Youtube. When they discuss about it in the comments or it is about the person who is making the video and e-mail.

And beause I´m a big Harry Potter Fan, I wanted to ask you, if you ould like me to write about Harry Potter like once a week.  I would really klove to do that, and if there are only one or two supprter of this idea, I will do this!

Because of that, just a little bit about me and Harry Potter:

  • I´m a ravenclaw, I got sorted there twice on Pottermore (the old one and the new one)
  • My favourite Character is Luna, just because she´s a little bit like me
  • My favourite books (I have too. It can´t just be one of the series!)are the third one and the fifth one
  • My favourite movie is the third one too
  • I´m Thunderbird in Ilvermorny
  •  My Patronus is a Borzoi, the russian wolfhund
  • My wand is: Elm wood with a unicorn hair, 14 1/2 ” and Hard flexible

What about you?

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